Grants have been made to the following charities/organisations.

The Colchester Science Festival 2017 and 2018

In March 2017 EWAG made a grant of £1,000 to Colchester Royal Grammar School to support the first Colchester Science Festival. Our aim was to encourage the promotion of science and technology related careers to young people, particularly young women and girls. The one-day event, held during British Science Week, was a great success, attracting 2,000 visitors. Plans are already afoot for the Colchester Science Festival 2018 and EWAG is proud to be supporting this again.

Safer Places

In December 2016, EWAG donated £2,000 to Safer Places, whose vision is to ensure safety, improve quality of life, and reduce repeat victimisation for the survivors of domestic violence. They provide a wide range of services to support those affected by domestic abuse. In a letter to our co-founder Daphne Field, Janet Dalrymple CEO wrote, ” It is because of people like yourself and EWAG that we can continue to support our clients and empower them to regain control of their lives as well as providing a high standard of safe accommodation. We will ensure that the money you have donated is used for family activities, where parents and children can bond and learn to communicate again following the trauma of domestic abuse.”

Christian Growth Centre Chelmsford

In 2015 EWAG made a grant to help develop and run a self-esteem programme in schools in Chelmsford, working with teenage girls identified as vulnerable by their head teachers.  There has been great feedback.  The courses have improved not only the lives of the girls but also assisted families in dealing with their children. The girls were astonished at how dreams of achievement could become a reality with hard work and dedication and felt that their levels of self-worth had really improved. For more details, click here:

The Prince’s Trust Development Awards

In March 2016 EWAG supported a young woman aged 25 from Braintree with a Prince’s Trust Development Award to help her to get back into employment. The young woman, who is an educational underachiever and ex-offender had managed to secure a few hours of work per week in a salon and had been offered further employment, subject to completing beauty refresher courses. With young children to support and having moved from hostel accommodation, she was keen to use her beauty qualifications, but was unable to afford the course fees. A Development Award of £150 in November enabled her to undertake the courses the following month and move towards achieving her goals.

In 2017 EWAG supported another young recipient of a Prince’s Trust Development Award  – Laine aged 17 from Dagenham who said “joining the Prince’s Trust was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I am now a different person.  The support I’ve had has given me a positive outlook on life.  I’ve developed strong relationships and found confidence to look and be the way want to be.”

The Prince’s Trust have told EWAG that “your support will help us to continue to provide local young women who are facing barriers to realise their potential with the opportunities and support need to move into employment, education, training or volunteering to create a brighter future for them themselves. On behalf of the Prince’s Trust and all the young people we strive to support I would like to thank you for your wonderful gift to support females from Essex through our Development Awards programme.”


Signals Media Arts

In March 2016 EWAG made a grant of £2,500 to the Essex Girls – Junior project, run by Signals Media Arts based in Colchester.  The film project enabled children from the Iceni Academy and Stanway Primary School to chart the successes of women from Essex over the years. The children had the opportunity to explore themes of equal rights and inequality, as well as learning a variety of animation, digital and literacy skills.  They gained an increased understanding of their local heritage and the role local women had in the fight for equality.  At the start of the project, 60% of the pupils said they could not think of any female role models in Essex!  At the end of the project they named many and all participants expressed a pride in the work of Essex women.  The project also helped develop communication and team working skills.  The resulting films that can be used in the classroom as learning tools and shared with family and friends.

Click here to see one of the films:

Billericay School

A donation was made to Billericay School as part of EWAG’s sponsorship of the Real Women’s Role Speed Dating Project. For more details please contact Billericay School.

Wild Swans Project (Wilderness Foundation)

CARA – Centre for Action on Rape & Abuse


Home Start Chelmsford