Event Information:

  • Tue

    WITCHES, WAGS & WIDEBOYS: Negotiating Place Gender & Class in Essex

    09.15-17.00Essex Business School, (Room EBS.2.1) Wivenhoe Park

    Anglia Ruskin University, Essex Business School and Essex County Councilare holding an open discussion reflecting on what it means to 'be' Essex. The day will focus on various aspects of Essex Girl / Boy stereotype, considering experiences and implications of the taints of place, gender and class.

    How does where we are from impact on how we relate to other people, and how others perceive us? In what ways does where we are from, how we talk, and how others represent us impact upon our social and working lives? These questions raise issues that many of us in the UK and Europe are thinking about at the moment. While regional caricatures abound, these kind of questions are particularly pertinent for people from Essex who for centuries, have been subject to a range of cultural stereotypes and apparently harmless humour. TOWIE, white van man, white stilettos, witches, WAGs, wideboys...these are just a few of the many associations of what it means to be from Essex.

    With contributions from several academics and authors who all have a connection to Essex, this workshop aims to provide an opportunity for sharing experiences and perceptions, and for reflecting on the impact and wider implications of living and working with Essex stereotypes. We will particularly encourage discussion of how regional markers intersect with other aspects of identity and lived experience such as gender, social class, race and ethnicity in order to position 'Essex girls' especially in particular ways.